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Please Note: The directors of SAIF Water Wells, Inc., closed the corporation on December 31, 2011. This web site will be maintained for several years to provide the technical resources that are currently being used by viewers from around the world.

The decision to close the corporation came first and foremost because the Board of Directors felt that the job we set out to do (and much more) had been accomplished. There are now a number of local, state, and regional organizations that help finance wells. State and national resources for technical assistance have become available to ordinary citizens. Please see our referral list under Construction.


  • Water-Depth Readings of water-table wells

  • Drink It In! booklet
    Water Wisdom for Youth in Virginia's Northern Neck
  • The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality is processing regulations for an extension of the Eastern Groundwater Management Area to cover the rest of Virginia’s coastal plain including the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. To keep up with the status of the proposal we suggest you check often Dr. Frank Fletcher’s site www.groundwatervirginia.org
  • Are you new to rural living? Learn the basics here


SAIF Water Wells, Inc., is a Member of the Virginia Water Well Association, the American Water Works Association, Wellcare Well Owners Network of Water Systems Council, and The Groundwater Foundation

Any information contained in this website is for informational purposes only. A professional should be consulted for individual matters.

We are proud to host the Gill Historical Photo Collection, featuring Northern Neck residents from the 1910s



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