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SAIF Water is no longer engaged in construction or repair of wells and water systems.  Following are some organizations which may be able to assist with funding and technical advice:

  1. Lancaster County Housing Office - 804-462-6040
  2. Bay Housing or Bay Aging (Urbana) - 804-758-1260 ext. 110
    Apply through the Lancaster Housing Department at 462-6040
  3. Interfaith Service Council - 804-435-6050
  4. Southeast Community Assistance Project in Roanoke
  5. Rural Development (Tappahannock) - 804-443-4304


  1. The County Health Department – Regional Environmental
    Supervisor, David Fridley – 462-9919, ext. 13
  2. Virginia Cooperative Extension Service
    Erin James Ling, M.S.
    Virginia Household Water Quality Program
    Virginia Master Well Owner Network
    Biological Systems Engineering – Virginia Tech
    540.231.9058 wellwater@vt.edu www.wellwater.bse.vt.edu
  3. Water Systems Council - the only national organization solely focused on wells and well water. If you have a question about your well or your well water, contact the FREE wellcare® hotline at 1-888-395-1033 or www.wellcarehotline.org