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Monitoring Wells Construction has Begun

BURGESS, VA, April 2009 - The first two monitoring wells at the Surprise Hill station off Route 360 in Burgess are now under construction. These wells will give the Virginia Department of environmental Quality (DEQ) much needed scientific information on artesian water supply in the Northern Neck area.


Groundwater Management Area Designation

Lancaster County

Lancaster County passed a resolution requesting groundwater management area designation on May 29th, 2008, and sent it to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.


The resolution and scientific support for it are available at www.groundwatervirginia.org.


When the Northern Neck is Designated a Groundwater Management (Protection) Area, current users will be grandfathered at the highest level of water usage in the last 10 years. They will register to be grandfathered, but not need a permit process unless they want to increase their usage. Large users already report their amount of water usage, so there does not seem to be a significant burden on local business and industry compared to the fact the artesian aquifers could be seriously depleted.


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